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A shockingly low number of Sixty-seven incidents of ‘racism’ have been reported in the first three months of the year in Zionist Occupied Erin, with students and workers the main proponents of anti-regime activity. Though it is a very small figure in a population of several million it nevertheless holds out hope that a younger generation of indigenous Irish boys and girls will resist the attempt to wipe them, their race, their history, culture and morality off the face of the earth to make way for the coming Jew World Order.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland said 40% of new cases related to verbal harassment, while 15% involved physical violence.

Bob Geldorf lookalike dyke and fellow Jew Denise Charlton from the Jewish-created Irish indigenous genocide facilitation group the ‘Immigrant Council Of Ireland’ an institution which is not Irish at all but an arm of the Jew-EU, said schools and colleges had to work harder to ensure ‘racism’ was removed from their premises.

teaching diversity

(translation from Hebraic cultural Marxist media-spiel)

She said that “One of the worrying things about the figures for the Jews at the center of the Irish and trans-European indigenous White genocide who are based in Brussels, was that so many of the incidents took place in work and in classrooms, “two of the places we often assume will be safe and free from resistance to the massive settlement of third worlders and East Europeans with the aid of whom we are determined to end once and for all the existence of the ancient Celtic state.”

“We would have hoped that a huge campaign of thought-control funded by indigenous Irish taxpayers themselves without their having being asked to pay for it, which includes a well-tried and thought out programme currently being implimented in Irish schools, colleges and universities, involving the brainwashing of Irish children and youth into self-hatred for their race and religious history, would have been enough to subdue their instincts.”



“Furthermore, we could include the hundreds of millions spent by the Jewish controlled irish TV, Radio and news industry to mind-control the Irish workers would have made any form of protest whatsoever simply impossible in the Irish workplace. A workplace I might add from whom we have excluded large numbers of indigenous people whose jobs we have stolen and given away. Those indigenous White ‘left-behinds’ who are still in work are expected quid pro quo to be grateful and keep their mouths shut for fear of being thrown on the dole.”

Charlton also said that the more successful subjects of mind-altering, pro-ethnic suicide programmes were coming forward due to an Hegelian-created self-destroying slavery mind-set to the needs of the genocide programme.

denise charlton immigration council of ireland

“I think there are more and more hypnotised sociobots out there who have been fooled by us into thinking that the right thing is to go along with the mass-extermination of their people by using their natural White morality and kindness to work against their own interests. In this we have been greatly assisted by the Zionist Vatican II paedophile sect which still has a deal of power even though we have convinced most of its adherents to become atheists ” she said.

“What we know from our work is that when you provide an opportunity, our created nihilistic self-destroying parasites will snitch to us on others, but only if they know that it’s safe and confidential to do so, because it is usually the most cowardly, suggestive and self-interested individuals who most easily give in to our methods of taking over their thought-processes.”

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Ireland: Immigrant Council Of Ireland Exposed! Another HQ Of Transnational Jewry’s Irish Genocide:



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