“Miller sees it as long war in which all the shots are being fired from the other side and the casualties are a disappearing white race.”


Glenn snapped or was under the influence of alcohol in his disasterous shooting which all went wrong. He was a great old fighter for the white cause, an imperfect man in an imperfect world, a world where all our best instincts, most precious heritage and good intentions are hampered and frustrated by the cancerous poison of that ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing; the parasitic, all corrupting, seemingly ever victorious, lying Jew.

Decades long soldier for the White race 74 year old Frazier Glenn Miller Jr, Born Nov 23 1940. In an insane moment he did what he thought was right in the face of the ongoing war of white genocide by the Jews. We in the movement should all share his pain and should all share his support as a brother. How sad it all had to end in this way, and in an ill-thought out, spur of the moment operation which was so uncharacteristic of this true warrior and general. An ill-timed, ill-planned hastily carried out action because the man either snapped or lost his senses under the influence of alcohol and years of mental torture by the state.

Even had it been different and been a planned operation on a more rational target, many of us would still say it is too early to engage and we should wait for the Jews to more publicly kick-off their race war first, even though their Hollywood and Zion-controlled media-incited minority troops are raping, robbing and murdering us while they the Jews, are poisoning and damning our children’s minds with immoral filth and destroying our families every day and our white nations with Jew-instigated, white tax-payer funded non-white immigration to genocide us. But Glenn snapped and made his obviously hasty decision and White nationalists should not second guess it.

No doubt the Jew hate machine will make hay out of this and pump up their anti-white propaganda to the fullest extent while a pile of yellow-bellied, half-assed Alex Jones ‘conspiracy theory’ brainwashed, only half-awake white nationalists will allege, despite Glenn’s life’s work, and the ultimate sacrifice of never seeing the light of day again as a free man, even facing the chair, that he was working for the CIA. Kansas by the way is a death-penalty state.

One thing is for sure and that is when the deal goes down you see how many friends you really have, and they who condemn are just lucky that they themselves have not, or have not yet, been placed in a position where they went over the edge, or maybe those spineless cowards know they would never move sufficiently to the edge to find themselves in that position. And all the phonies out there who called him friend but now deny him thrice and hide under their beds from the comment sections of White nationalist forums in case the Jewsmedia are watching them. But those who condemn on the basis of lies or one-sided half-history are beyond contempt. As the song goes:

“But I’m just a soul whose intentions were good Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

It is very easy sitting in an armchair to say what’s right and what’s wrong, we cannot after all see what was going on inside his mind. As Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Let all the cringers cower and worry what this action will make the brainwashed public “think of whites.” Who cares what they think? You believe you can alter their thinking by being nice? What do you think we have been doing all these years?

third world immigration ireland irish white genocide alan shatter


  1. You should know that Frazier is spelled with an “ier” not “er” and that he doesn’t normally use that name but is known by his friends as Glenn ….. Glenn Miller. Maybe you can correct it.


  2. Anyone could snap, I certainly could at times though not being brought up with guns it would be relativly small snap. If he had really planned it he would have taken out a hundred or so rabbis. It was obviously just a mad moment.


  3. Oh, i didn’t know he admitted it, he must have snapped, shame to end up like this after his fight for Whites.


  4. Nope, Glenn did it I’m afraid and has as much as admitted it. He will most likely face the death penalty if he lives long enough to survive the appeals.


  5. A WN sent me the link from the US, so i thought that it could be true, the mother doesn’t show any signs of trauma, so she could be acting, and they could have set him up to entrap him.


  6. They’re talking crap. Glenn will face the electric chair or remain in prison for the rest of his life and he’s 74. These assholes have no respect for a long-time fighter for our people and know nothing about him or have even listened to one of his videos. it’s Alex Jones syndrome. If they trip over they think it was the government tripped them.


  7. It’s all bullshit, the usual conspiracy nonsense based on half-truths and half-history by people who dont even know the guy. Glenn is never going to be a free man again, at 74 he loses his family, his dogs, his life. He may even face the death penalty if it is still active in the state he is tried in.


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